synthesis Essay outline

Synthesis Assignment and Outline Guide Description A Synthesis Essay examines articles with a similar topic critically, states a personal claim, supports that claim, refutes potential points made by the opposition side, and effectively persuades others. For this assignment you will evaluate writings related to social media and journalism. The essay will begin with an introductory paragraph which introduces the overall topic and ends with a thesis statement. In the body of the essay there will be two summary paragraphs, one for each article, followed by an analysis of the connections (similarities and differences) between them. Your own opinion in regards to the topic should be stated and supported, and possible points of contention refuted. A conclusion paragraph will review the main points from the body of the essay before restating your opinion or proposed solution. The synthesis essay is based on 2 out of the 3 articles: 1. “Skim Reading Is the New Normal” by Maryanne Wolf, pp. 246-249. 2. “Do We Read Differently on Paper Than on a Screen” by Maria Gilje Torheim, pp. 249-253. 3. “Do Students Lose Depth in Digital Reading?” by Naomi Baron, pp. 253- 256. An outline is necessary in planning the writing of the Synthesis Essay. When creating your outline, please format it the following way: • Introduction/Thesis Announcement Paragraph (Paragraph 1) • State what broad topic discussed • State which 2 articles will be used • State your opinion/proposal • Summary Paragraphs • Summary of article1 (Paragraph 2) • Summary of article 2 (Paragraph 3) • Synthesis Paragraph (Paragraph 4) • Major similarities between the articles • Similarity 1 • Similarity 2 • Major differences between the articles • Difference 1 • Difference 2 • Points/Issues from the articles you agree with • Points/Issues from the articles you disagree with • Statement, Opinion or Solution Paragraph (Paragraph 5) • State your opinion or proposed solution • State your support • Support 1 • Support 2 • • Conclusion Paragraph (Paragraph 6) • Restate your opinion or proposal • Summarize your support • Conclude with a conclusion sentence which ties together with the end of the introduction paragraph

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