PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT :(Role Plays Regarding Coaching, Performance Review, and Discipline/Termination)

This assignment consists of three role plays (coaching session, performance review interview, and discipline/termination interview) and a short written analysis. Below are (1) the rubrics your group should use to plan and present the three role plays and (2) the questions you should answer for each role-play (which will be the written analysis you send to your instructor). You will be graded on the RICHNESS of your role play and analysis details. Start with a “small” issue that has the potential into becoming a performance issue and either dismissal/discipline—this means that you need to choose an issue that has some complexity and not something like an employee coming to work late, for example. In this online environment, this will be a Microsoft Teams recorded role play that you will prepare for your instructor in your assigned channel; I must SEE everyone in the recorded role play (video and audio).

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