Writting paper

Read the ethical dilemma, and in a four-paragraph essay, answer the question providing at least 2-3 reasons for both sides of the issue.

In the first paragraph, discuss what the dilemma is about in your own words.

In the second and third paragraphs, discuss each side of the issue, providing 2-3 reasons for each side.

In the final paragraph, discuss which side you believe is correct and why.

Your essay should be approximately 450 – 500 words. Take your time and proofread carefully!

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, a U.S. law, provides for equal opportunity employment. Although the law states that blatant accent discrimination is illegal, it also specifies that “there are legitimate, business-related reasons for companies to require workers to speak clear English”.

You are the Human Resources Director for the Four Seasons Hotel in New York City and have been interviewing candidates for the Front Desk Manager position. This is a highly visible position, which requires a lot of interaction with hotel guests and also requires the ability to communicate with and supervise a large staff of front desk personnel. You recently reviewed the résumé of a potential candidate, Maya Rodriguez, and were very impressed with her credentials. She has been working in the hotel industry for the past five years and has received excellent recommendations from her previous employers. According to her résumé, she is a native speaker of Spanish, but she is also fluent in both English and French. However, when you interview her for the position, you find that her accent makes it very difficult to understand clearly what she is saying when she speaks English.

Will you hire her for this position or keep looking for another candidate?

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