World war II in Asia

Journal. And my research topic is World war II in Asia.
Go further on your Bibliography search. What sources have you found? Summarize the texts you are reading. Don’t forget to cite your sources properly. Example:
BENTLEY et al. (2008). Traditions & Encounters: A Brief Global History. Beijing: Peking University Press, McGraw-Hill.
Establish your hypotheses. Any questions?

  1. Devise the table of contents of your paper. Structure of chapters/ divisions of your paper. Share as much as you can of your paper. Whatever is ready, share now.
  2. Select a piece of recent news on media (newspapers, magazines, TV shows, interviews…), related to your topic. Cite it properly. Summarize this piece of news, justify your choice and make comments about it (you may offer your critical thinking about the issue). How does it relate to the selected topic?
  3. Here is also the space to share things with me: comments about how your study is going (things you have done, difficulties you are facing, etc.). Any questions?

The Journal must be at least 300-word long. See you!

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