Rhetorical Comparative essay

These are the requirements I was given. A compare and contrast essay requires you to discuss the similarities and differences between two topics in order to state that one of them is preferable over the other. Your goal as a writer is to move beyond the obvious points of comparison and or contrast. Do not merely State the differences in facts or opinions. Instead, use comparison and contrast this technique that will help you offer a full understanding of your Topics. In doing so, you will further develop the critical thinking skills necessary for successful college students. One article will be from a popular news source. Some examples are USA Today, time, BuzzFeed, Sports Illustrated, New York Times, ESPN The magazine, long-form, procon.org, and other very reliable sources. The other source needs to be from www.maag.ysu.edu      Quote and or paraphrase your sources throughout the body paragraphs of your essay but make sure they do not overpower your claims as you compare and contrast. I would recommend quoting or paraphrasing both sources at least once in each body paragraph. Make sure to include a work cited page with two entries. The popular new source will be formatted accordingly to an article in a web magazine. The scholarly Source will be formatted according to an article in a scholarly Journal. the workout will be at least a thousand words. The essay should be roughly three to four pages not including work cited page use these articles to support your claims throughout your body paragraph. This will be the organization of the essay. The introduction paragraph should be (four to five sentences). the compare and contrast of the first item will be (6 to 8 sentences). The compare and contrast of the second item will be (6-8 sentences). The compare and contrast of the third item will also be (6-8 sentences). The compare and contrast of the fourth item will also be (6-8) sentences). The conclusion should be (4-5 Sentences). The work cited page should be on a completely different page. Essay needs to be at least 1,000 words. 


I am A freshman in college. Please do not use big words all the time

NO PLAGIARISM AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I need an A on this as it is my last grade of the semester. Do not fail me.

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