By now, you are familiar with the various types of common foodborne illnesses and how they are caused. The way a person is raised, along with their cultural or demographic background influences many things in their life, including food handling techniques. This discussion will require some internet research. 

 Conduct some research on foodborne illness outbreaks in different regions around the world. Note how different areas may have more or fewer outbreaks (reported) than other regions. Choose one culture or region to discuss, this may be your cultural background, or this may be a new culture you wish to explore. 

 Describe some food handling or food safety practices that are acceptable (or necessary) in that culture or region, and compare those practices to the food safety techniques and practices that you have been taught and have been learning about in class. 

 For instance, in some regions, modern refrigeration is not in every household. How is that overcome to ensure food safety? In other cultures, the U.S. recommended cooking temperatures may not be followed or recommended for any number of reasons. Does that result in more foodborne illness outbreaks? Why or why not? 

 Explain why historical positions on food preparation practices may come into play in different cultures or regions of the world. Describe how culture and historical perspectives may influence food preparation techniques. Finally, suggest some food safety practices that could be put into practice in that region to reduce the number of foodborne illness outbreaks in that region.

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