Game Watching

Assignment Overview

Can watching other people play videogames actually be fun? If the success of Let’s Play videos on YouTube, Twitch Streaming, and Esports means anything to you, then the answer is a resounding “yes.” A new generation and global market have busted on the scene and watching other game as a pastime is here to stay.  For this assignment, you’ll be researching into what draws people to these forms of entertainment and how all of this affects you.

Guidelines and Constraints

Note: Even though you are posting your work in a discussion forum, the content you are submitting must still meet the requirements of a college-level paper in regards to respectfulness, organization, wording, spelling, and grammar.

Please research and talk about the following topic(s). In 250+ words,your response must answer all of the following questions:

  • For this assignment, research forms of game-watching such as Let’s Play videos, Twitch streaming, Speedruns, and Esports and try to understand what they are why people love watching it. Using this research, answer the following questions:
    • Do you enjoy watching other people play games? Why or Why not?
      • If you do, what areas of game-watching do you like the most?
    • Does watching other people play games have any other inherent value other than pure entertainment? Why?
    • Have you ever streamed a live game session or recorded yourself playing?
      • If so, what was it, and why did you do it?
    • If you’re into Esports what games/players/teams/tournaments/leagues do you enjoy watching most and why?
    • If you don’t watch other people play games, what do you think draws other people to it?
  • You must provide citations for all of your sources as evidence of your research.
    • A minimum of two (2) citations are required.
    • For this particular discussion, instead of worrying about format, simply paste a list of website links.
  • Finally, find and read the replies of those who worked on the other discussion and respond to at least two (2) of them with your views on their conclusions.
    • Do you agree or disagree with anything they said? Provide at least one (1) item in defense of your views within each of your responses.


  • Forum Post or Attached Word Document or Google Doc Link with:
    • 250+ word / Game-Watching
    • 2+ Citations
  • Two (2) peer responses

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