Ethics Case Study Paper


In this assignment, you will analyze the ethical implications of an HR management situation and determine the best course of action to handle the situation.

1. Select ONE of the following case studies from the SHRM Ethics in Human Resource Management learning module: Ethics in Human Resource Management. This document is attached to this assignment in Blackboard. 

Case 1 – When the Boss Doesn’t Like Her 

Case 2 – Now You See It, Now You Don’t 

Case 3 – Real Sales or Wishful Thinking? 

Case 4 – The Best Person for the Job 

Case 5 – What Ever Happened to Lana?

2. Use the Assessing Alternative Ethically worksheet in the Ethics in Human Resource Management document to help decide how to address the situation in the case study you selected.

3. Write a paper of three to four pages (double-spaced) that addresses the following: 

• Which case study did you select? 

• What is the ethical issue in the case study? 

• Who are the stakeholders/parties involved in the situation? 

• Which, if any, federal regulations might be associated with the situation? 

• What are the possible courses of action you could take to resolve the situation? 

• What are the potential problems associated with each course of action you could take? 

• Which possible course of action do you think is the best choice? 

• Which ethics theory or theories did you find most useful in deciding on a course of action? Why?

4. Structure your paper as follows: 

A. Introduction paragraph – Provide an overview of the information you will cover: 

• State your thesis (main idea). 

• Identify the main points you will cover in the body paragraphs. 

B. Body paragraphs – Address the points covered in Step 3 in detail. 

C. Summary – Provide a conclusion about your main points.

Writing Mechanics 

• Use a 12-point font and double-spaced text. 

• Proofread and correct all errors in capitalization, punctuation, grammar, and spelling.

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