Dispelling NeuroMyth (biological psychology)

You are to choose ONE neuromyth from the list below .Then you’ll conduct some research on it, and summarize your findings in an essay (should be about 4-5 paragraphs, 4-6 sentences each, double-spaced, and 12-point Arial font). You must use at least 2 reputable sources, either in print or online (NOT wikipedia), and these must be cited using APA format. You also need at least 2 in-text citations from your sources.

Discuss and describe the following (about 1 paragraph each):

  •  the myth
  • the history of its origin
  • why it’s a myth and not hard science
  • any potential issues/problems with people believing this myth
  • identify any psychologists/neuroscientists who helped disprove it, and how it has been disproven

NeuroMyths List:

  • Brain development has finished by the time children reach puberty.
  • Some of us are ‘left-brained’ and some are ‘right-brained’
  • Individuals have different learning styles, such as ‘visual’ or ‘kinesthetic’, and being taught in that preferred learning style results in better learning.
  • Learning is due to the addition of new cells to the brain.
  • A common sign of dyslexia is seeing letters backward.
  • Mental capacity is something you are born with and cannot be changed.
  • When we sleep, the brain shuts down.
  • Listening to Mozart makes you smarter.
  • Drinking alcohol always kills brain cells.
  • The human brain is larger than any other animal brain.
  • People can multi-task well.
  • Brain damage is always permanent.
  • The heart is more important for love than the brain.

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