Determining financial viability using the altman z-score model in the energy business sector.

 Summary: In this paper it will be examined the viability of firms operating in Europe and the U.S. as producers of energy in the specific sector. It will be an effort of estimating the risk of a possible bankruptcy for the companies involved in this sector for the following years. We will investigate, based on historical data of the last two decades (from 2001 to 2021, including the peculiar period of the world’s sanitary crisis due to COVID), which factors are beneficial for firms and which tend to failure. In order to assess the probability of falling in financial distress for a company, Altman’s z-score model will be applied to our sample of enterprises. The outcome of this study could help companies predict sooner and more accurately the risk of bankruptcy in order to take precautionary measures. Data will be collected over different e-databases and to complete the study, panel data regression analysis will be used as well as financial data analysis and comparison tests, according to the testable hypotheses.

15.000-20.000 words in 1,5 spacing

table contents, introduction, conclusion, bibliography etc 

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