Case Study Lean Six Sigma

Please read the following case study and then write an essay in response: The former health care giant, National Hospital Supply Corporation (NHSC), now part of McDowell Healthcare, was a formidable player in the medical supply business, supplying more than 146,000 products. The Bixby division of NHSC, a manufacturer of surgical heart catheters and associated computer-based technology, was charged with absorbing the pressure monitoring business from the Johnson division of NHSC.The pressure monitoring (PM) products would represent the external (visible) part of the catheter system, as the catheter itself would be completely hidden by the patient’s internal body components.The PM products were comprised of: a. Reusable pressure transducers (RPTs) that needed to be managed and sterilized.RPTs were the size of a small refrigerator and represented the declining technology. b. Disposable pressure transducers (DPTs) that needed sterilizing and then disposed of after one-time use. DPTs were smaller than a hand-held calculator. c. Standard pressure monitoring kits (SPMKs) that were used with RPTs and DPTs to transport fluids to and from the body. d. Custom pressure-monitoring kits (CPMKs) that functioned just like SPMKs that were produced to physician specifications. The products listed in a. through d. above were distributed by Johnson in NHSC’s vast U.S. distribution system.By contrast, Bixby distributed all its current products from just one warehouse in California.In addition to the synergy provided by a single supplier (Bixby) manufacturing and selling an entire system, it was decided that the former Johnson PM products would be distributed by Bixby using their current one-warehouse operation.The current effectivity date for Bixby to assume manufacturing the PM products was July 1 and the date for beginning distribution was October 1. To bring these plans into existence Bixby President Don Choate appointed six of Bixby’s top employees, Donna Lusk (manufacturing), Mary Basler (IT), Martha Victor (R&D), Rich Cull (engineering), Rusty Moody (quality management), and Tony Courson (supply chain management).It was a well-known fact that Donna and Mary, and also Martha and Rusty, have not had the best working relationship and have experienced significant conflict in the past.Don held a kickoff meeting with these six and their bosses and told them they must harmoniously work together in order to meet the July and October target dates. Given the short lead time provided for implementation, each of the six began developing plans and contacting their counterparts at Johnson.One month before the July 1 manufacturing implementation date, the following problems were identified. 1.A long lead-time plastic fixture for the SPMK line was on backorder with no apparent resolution in sight.It seems as if the fixture as used previously by Johnson was failing 30% of the time.A replacement part had not been designed, qualified, or sourced by Johnson, so Bixby seemed to be at ground zero for this item. The people Donna hired to make products using this fixture were just sitting around, waiting for the problem to be resolved. 2.Ten percent of the RPT line was in a backorder condition.It appears that some of the stocking locations that Johnson used did not place replenishment orders as they heard the product line was being discontinued (when in fact it was just being relocated to another division). 3.Quality documents could not be located.It appears that they were stored electronically by Bixby, but the file was corrupt.Replacement documents were requested from Johnson, but so far, their responsiveness has been less than desirable. 4.The current Bixby warehouse does not have adequate space to receive transferred-in products from the former AHSC locations.Demand for the other Bixby products has surged, and no one bothered to tell the PM transfer team that space was not available. 5.Two lawsuits had been filed by patients who claimed the PM products used in their procedure had not been sterilized. 6.Capitola, the supplier for the DPT sensor, just announced a price hike that will render the DPT line unprofitable. 7.Donna and Mary are not speaking to each other.The blueprints Donna’s manufacturing team needed for second shift were not available because Mary didn’t ensure these documents were created before IT personnel left for the day. As a consultant, what are your observations regarding these issues?Write a two- to three-page recommendation on what could have prevented these problems and what Bixby should do at this stage. Please submit your answers for grading using the upload button below. Write your responses in a Word document and save your document using the following naming convention: 

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