Black lives matter movement/ How has the black lives matter movement affected society?

WRIT 101 Research Document (100 points)The Research Document in this assignment is not a conventional research paper. Instead, it directly builds on the skills you developed when writing For this assignment, you will produce an Annotated Bibliography and a Research Essay. Together, they make up the Research Document.In the Research Document, you will propose a challenging, grounded research question that was submitted in the previous assignment.To answer your research question, select six texts from at least three different genres that you can place “in conversation” with the research question and with one another.This project asks students to engage in research about a topic of interest to them. o Purpose: This assignment gives students practice in the process of inquiry and rhetoric. o Audience: THE INSTRUCTOR AND OTHER STUDENTS.o Directions: Students will complete research project that includes a research document,and an Annotated Bibliography.ASSIGNMENT SPECIFICATIONS: Minimum 1100 words in:Times New Roman 12-pt fontDouble-spaced with 1” margins. MLA or APA style format (current version) and documentation for parenthetical citationsand a Works Cited/References page.: Six academically appropriate sources in addition to assigned resources. Utilize library databases to locate appropriate sources.QUOTES:o You must have at least five quoteso You can paraphrase, but you must cite your paraphrase o Eight quotes or paraphrases total are required     SOURCES  Minimum of      ASSIGNMENT LAYOUT All in one document:Section One Section Two– Research Paper (1100 Words)

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